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About us

Tailored entertainment
Elevating experiences

Behind every successful event is a dedicated and qualified team, and at StilNovo, our team forms the heart of our operation.

Comprising musicians, speakers, host presenters, entertainers, sound engineers, light designers, live bands, artists, DJs, KJs and events coordinators, together we work seamlessly to bring your vision to life, ensuring every detail is executed flawlessly. 


Meet the Team


Role: Best Friend, Team Spirit Uplifter, Happiness Engineer.

Meet REXY, our beloved team member, the heart and soul of our team.
As the Chief Morale Booster, REXY spreads joy, comfort, and endless tail wags.

REXY Brings to the Team:
Unconditional Love: REXY has a unique talent for sensing when someone needs a little extra love and attention.
Stress Relief: Interacting with REXY reduces stress and improves overall well-being.
Team Bonding: REXY's friendly nature helps strengthen our team bond, reminding us of the importance of community and support within the workplace.

REXY's dedication to his role is evident he is not just our pet; he is our best friend, confidant, and the glue that holds our team together.

Some frequently asked questions

How much can event organization cost?
The cost can vary significantly depending on several factors, such as the size of the event, the location, the type of service requested, and other specific customizations. For this reason, it is difficult to give an exact figure without knowing the precise details of your needs.

We would like to underline that our prices are in line with market prices. We offer packages that cover a range of budgets and reflect the high level of events organised. Our packages are designed to deliver maximum value, combining excellent quality and attention to detail to ensure your event is an unforgettable success.

To provide an accurate and detailed estimate, we invite you to contact us for a personalized consultation. This way we can discuss your specific needs and offer you a tailor-made solution that meets your expectations and budget.

We are at your disposal for any further questions and to start planning your perfect event together.
What specific services do you offer for organizing luxury weddings?
We offer a full range of luxury wedding planning services, including:

. Sound (we provide hight-quality sound systems, professional DJs and live bands to ensure a flawless sound experience

. Entertainment: we organize live shows, performances by renowned artists, fireworks and personalized animations.

. Events managements: we manage every logistical detail, from initial planning to coordination during the event, including location selection, catering, decoration and guest management

. Lighting: we offer customized lighting solutions, from ambient, lighting to stage lights, to create the perfect atmosphere in every moment.
Can you provide examples of private events you have organized in the past?
Certainly! We have hosted a variety of luxury private events, including:
. Exclusive birthday parties with personalized themes and tailor-made entertainment. Wedding anniversaries with gourmet dinners and private shows.

. High-level corporate parties with team building activities and gala evenings. Private events on luxury yachts, with live music and fireworks displays.

. Each event is custom designed to meet the unique needs and desires of our clients.
How do you manage the selection and coordination of suppliers for events?
We collaborate with a network of carefully selected suppliers who share our commitment to excellence and quality. Our process includes:

. Selection: we evaluate suppliers based on their experience, reputation and ability to meet the specific needs of our customers.

. Coordination: we manage all communications and negotiations with suppliers, ensuring that every detail is perfectly coordinated and that deadlines are respected.

. Supervision: during the event, our management team monitors every aspect to ensure that vendors perform their tasks to the highest standards and that everything runs smoothly.
What is the process for starting to work with you in planning a luxury event?
Our process for starting to work with new clients includes the following steps:

. Initial Consultation: we begin with an in-depth consultation to understand your wishes, preferences and event budget. Custom Proposal: We develop a detailed proposal that includes creative ideas, preliminary planning and a quote.

. Detailed Planning: once the proposal is approved, we proceed with detailed planning, which includes the selection of suppliers, the definition of the program and the design of the decoration and entertainment elements.

. Execution: our team of experts manages every aspect of event execution, ensuring that every detail is perfectly executed and that the event is an unforgettable success.